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The purchase of new IT systems is a big thing in itself – it is important for us that you as our customer feel safe and secure with our terms and conditions. Take your time

to read through our terms below. If there is anything that seems strange or you have any other thoughts or questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

GOOD TERMS LEAD TO GOOD BUSINESS. You can be sure to feel safe with a contract with us.

A company's IT solutions are a central and sensitive part of the business. From us you get everything from service to guidance and you should never have to worry about availability. With a wide range of components and the possibility to customize solutions that match your needs, we hope that you will enjoy being our customer.

Terms and conditions of sale

The general terms and conditions of sale for the use of Foranets webshop.

1. Access to and the use of the webshop etc.

The webshop is only available to companies and organizations and not to private consumers or sole traders. Many of Foranet's customers have made special agreements with Foranet concerning the supply of equipment and products – in the following terms, these agreements are referred to as "contracts". In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between a contract and these general terms and conditions, the contract shall prevail.

Foranet has the right to freely change the information that is made available in the webshop. Information and prices are provided with reservation for printing and typing errors, inaccuracies in the given technical specifications and stock discrepancies. Webshop customers are responsible for the acquisition and installation of the equipment, communication interfaces and other communication-related requirements for Foranet's webshop.

The customer has a limited, continuous right to use the webshop. This right is individual and cannot be transferred to others. After the customer’s registration, Foranet sends the customer their login details (username and password) which are valid until otherwise informed by Foranet.

The customer undertakes to ensure and is responsible for ensuring that the personal login details are not made available to unauthorized persons and that unauthorized distribution of the webshop's content does not take place via Internet or other media. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the webshop is only used by employees who need to use it for their work. Employees or others who have had access to the webshop and who no longer need such access in their work must be immediately deregistered. If the customer uses the webshop incorrectly, Foranet has the right to immediately terminate the customer's right to use the webshop. 

2. Confidentiality

The use of the webshop means access to business secrets and confidential information regarding Foranet. The customer undertakes not to use information obtained through the webshop for any purpose other than to make orders from Foranet. Moreover, the customer undertakes to not to disclose business secrets in any way or otherwise make confidential information available for third parties. The customer shall ensure that their employees are aware of the confidentiality agreement and respect it. The aforementioned agreement does not apply to information that the customer can prove has become to the customer’s awareness in other ways than through the delivery of ordered products or information that is generally known. The confidentiality agreement applies without a time limit.

3. Binding order

The orders made by the customer in the webshop are binding to the customer and cancellations cannot be made via the webshop. If the customer wants to correct an order, he/she should contact Foranet for assessment. In the event of any correction of an order or invoice, Foranet has the right to charge an administrative fee. The customer is also responsible for orders that have become incorrect due to typos or other customer-related matters, such as that the customer's login information in the webshop ended up in wrong hands.

4. Products

Foranet undertakes to deliver the products covered by the contract and which are included in Foranet's defined standard product selection in the webshop in accordance with the contract and otherwise in accordance with these general terms and conditions.

5. Shipping and prices

Current prices for products and availability information are provided, in addition to the webshop, by Foranet's suppliers. If an order is placed in the webshop, the price stated in the webshop applies at the time of ordering. Value Added Tax is added to all prices. The final price is also affected by the possible price regulation of the contract and, unless otherwise agreed in the contract, additional costs may be charged for shipping and transport insurance.

6. Payment terms

Billing is done by Foranet AB. Payment with release from further liability can only be made to the bank account and “plusgiro” account specified in Foranet's invoice to the customer. Payment must be made 30 days from the date of invoice at the latest. In the event of late payment, an interest on overdue payment shall be paid in accordance with the Interest Act as well as a reminder fee.

7. Ordering and order confirmation

The order and delivery of products in the webshop are binding from the moment when Foranet confirms the customer's order through order confirmation. Foranet strives to submit an order confirmation within two days from the receipt of an order via the webshop. Foranet reserves the right to do a credit check on the customer before the order is confirmed. If other integrations are needed, Foranet shall support it.

8. Delivery and risk

Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, delivery of ordered products from one of Foranet's warehouses in Sweden will take place. Foranet takes care of the transport on behalf of the customer, including transport insurance, and chooses the most suitable way of transport. If Foranet provides transport, the customer shall reimburse Foranet's expenses related to the transport (including transport insurance fee). The responsibility for the ordered products passes to the customer upon delivery from Foranet's warehouse. Foranet uses split delivery as the standard method as we send goods from several different warehouses. If you choose "co-delivery", it can mean that the delivery is delayed by several days as the ordered goods, that may not be stored in the same warehouse, must be packed together. Product packages that include services are automatically marked as complete deliveries (co-deliveries). By default, we only charge one shipping cost per order, regardless of whether we use split delivery. In the case of a split delivery, Foranet reserves the right to create an invoice with partial payment request. Always contact Foranet if you have any questions or requests regarding your order.

 9. Transport damages

Upon receival of the order, the customer must carefully check the delivered products. If there are some ordered products missing from the delivery and/or if there is visible damage to the delivered products or packaging, the customer must immediately, e.g. by writing down the damage to the consignment note, claim the damage to the carrier and hold them to account. Hidden transport damage that has not been discovered or should have been discovered upon the receival of the delivery shall be reported to the carrier as soon as possible and in all circumstances within one week from the receival of the delivery. If the customer does not claim a transport damage within specified time limits, the customer loses the right to make a claim against the carrier and Foranet. If the delivery is covered by a goods insurance, the customer must also immediately report the transport damage to the insurer. Failure to do so may deny or limit the right to compensation.

10. Requesting a product return

Customer has the right to request a return of the delivered product by contacting Foranet's Order Manager no later than 10 days after the receival of the product. If the return is accepted by Foranet, the customer receives a return confirmation with Foranet's return number on it. The customer must then return the product to the address stated on the return confirmation together with the return confirmation. When returned, the product must be completely unused and be placed in an unbroken original packaging, free from dirt, damage and any form of marking. The return recipient specified by Foranet must have received the return no later than 5 working days after the customer has received a return number from Foranet. The customer must pay shipping and transport insurance for the product return as well as the return fee stated in the return confirmation from Foranet (standard fee is 500 SEK). Received and approved returns are credited to the customer in accordance with the return confirmation, after the deduction of the possible return costs. Unauthorized returns are returned to the customer at their expense.

11. Warranty and other terms

For all products sold by Foranet, the respective manufacturer's warranty and other special terms and conditions apply, as stated in these general regulations. Any warranty repairs must be carried out by the manufacturer of the product or by a service organization approved by the manufacturer. Information on each manufacturer's warranty and service terms are delivered with the product or provided by Foranet. The right to warranty repair shall always be proved with an invoice copy for the product covered by the warranty. Additional costs related to the warranty claims or consumer complaints are not reimbursed by Foranet.

12. CE marking

Foranet is not a manufacturer or producer of the products that Foranet sells and the company is therefore not directly responsible for the CE marking of products marketed within the European Union. However, Foranet and its suppliers, in connection with the purchase of the products for distribution, require manufacturers to CE mark the products that meet the EMC directives and other regulations related to them.

13. Access right

Regarding the right and/or licenses for products which, in whole or in part, consist of computer programs or other copyrighted material, conditions of each manufacturer or licensor are applied even in the circumstances between Foranet and its customers. The manufacturer's or licensor's terms will always prevail over these general terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions of a manufacturer or licensor may impose restrictions on the liability of the manufacturer or licensor. Their liability may also be more limited than what is stated by the Swedish law and what normally follows from the Swedish standard contract law.

14. Disclaimers etc.

Foranet is not responsible for consequential damages, direct or indirect damages and losses or costs caused to the customer due to the customer’s use of the webshop. The disclaimer includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by errors or defects in the webshop or interruptions or disruptions in the computer system or telephone connection. Foranet is not in any case responsible for indirect or consequential damages. In addition to the possible warranties that apply to ordered products and the error liability assumed in contracts, Foranet is not responsible for consequential damages, direct or indirect damages, losses or costs that the ordered products cause the customer.

15. Reservation of ownership

Products ordered by the customer in the webshop remain the property of Foranet and Foranet reserves the right to ownership of the products until they have been fully paid for. Foranet's reservation of ownership does not apply in cases where a customer leases or rents ordered products directly when ordering through the webshop or through Foranet in other ways.

16. Dispute

Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions of sale and the related legal matters shall be settled by arbitrators under the Swedish law. In the event of a dispute, if the value of what is claimed does not exceed 25 times that of the claim for arbitration in respect of the base amount in accordance with the General Insurance Act (1962:381), the dispute shall be settled by the general court.

Integrity and cookies

When you visit our webshop, some personal data are collected. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy – here follows a description about what information we may collect about you and how we may use that information.

1. What personal data are treated?

When you visit our webshop, we automatically and anonymously collect personal data such as IP-number. This data is used for our marketing tools Facebook and Google to ensure the best possible user experience.

2. What are personal data used for?

According to current regulations personal data may only be gathered for “a special purpose and with legitimate goals”. Personal data need to be treated accordingly. To legitimately treat personal data we need legal reasons for our treatment. We only use one of the following grounds to treat personal data.

The treatment is necessary due to legal obligations.

The treatment is necessary due to legitimate interest from Foranet and the personal interests are not of higher value according to us.

The treatment is made according to your consent.

For our business to function properly, it is necessary for us to treat some personal data.

To fulfill agreements with our customers

We treat personal data as needed to identify you as our customer, to fulfill our commitments with our customers and to ensure that every customer is treated right. We need personal data to take care of warranties for example.

To target marketing

We use different kinds of personal data to personalize our marketing efforts. We can communicate with you via our webshop, Google, Facebook and other websites. We also gather anonymized personal information for statistical purpose. We always anonymize as much data as possible.

To fulfill legal obligations

We treat personal data to fulfill our legal obligations in Finland and Sweden where our business is located.

3. How are data collected? 

We gather data when you visit our webshop to gather statistics and perform direct marketing. We also use cookies (read more in section 6, “Cookies”).

We gather personal data via cookies in Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics.

We never sell personal data. All data are stored encrypted according to rules and regulations. We store personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill our commitments and legal obligations. 

4. Who is your data shared with? 

Within our organization to fulfill our commitments and in some cases our partners. Our partners are using the personal information with care and according to our instructions and in compliance with rules and regulations.

We are only sharing data necessary to fulfill our commitments. We never sell personal data.

5. Your rights



Removal – the right to be “forgotten”

Limiting of treatment


Portability of data

You have the right to know what we are doing with your personal data. For example which data we are storing, how it is used and why. In some cases you also have the right to have your personal information removed, changed or blocked.

If you wish to enforce your rights, please contact us at info@foranet.se. You will get a response within 14 days. 

6. What are cookies?

Foranets webshop uses cookies. A cookie is a small textfile stored on your own computer device when visiting our webshop. Cookies are used for some functions to work properly, enhance the user experience in the webshop or provide statistics. We do not gather personal information connected to you as a person. Information about the visitor cannot be tracked via cookies. A cookie cannot start a program.

7. Different types of cookies

We use three different kinds of cookies. The first one stores permanent files on the visiting computer assisting the webshop in functioning better at speed for example or remembering choices made or gathering the updated versions of the webshop.

The second type is called a session cookie. It stores temporary settings and choices made during the visit on the webshop and is deleted as soon as the browser is closed.

The third type gathers statistics on the usage of the webshop. All statistic is anonymized and cannot be tied to you as a person. This type is also used for customizing marketing material based on the use of our webshop.

8. Allow or deny cookies

You can choose yourself to allow or deny cookies. If you want to deny cookies you can do it in your browser settings on your computer device. Most browsers accept all cookies as a standard setting.

Most browsers allow you to deny all cookies. More information about how to change these settings regarding cookies can be found in the Help-menu in your browser.

If you deny cookies, our webshop may not function properly.

We at Foranet use cookies to improve your website experience and to gain insights about our website's users to make it even better. If you continue to use our website, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our terms and conditions – read more about cookies and your integrity here.